Mom does not know Best! The struggles of HD

Today was a very challenging day with mom. Everyday is a different challenge with her.

Today, once again, my mom who can not care for herself anymore decided she wanted to move out of my home.  The first thing that came out of her mouth today, was ” I am moving out. I already spoke to a sister from church. I am leaving.” Why is she so upset? A simple change in sleeping arrangements in our home. This is for her own, well-being, but mom does not see it that way.  Mom can not go up and down the stairs anymore. She struggles daily. Yet, she decides she wants to move out whenever things do not go her way.

We had a  nice Murphy bed  built in my downstairs office for her. This would be easier for her, but she could care less about it. Today she threw a tantrum. Yes, at 59 years old, she has tantrums. She does not know what is best for her. Many times I feel like I am walking on egg shells with her. Will she be happy, sad, depressed, or what will it be today? With HD, things are so unpredictable. Over the last five years, my mother has gotten worse. One day she is happy, other days she is not. She has turned into a child in many ways. My mom is slowly teaching me more compassion and more and more patience. She has tested me so much in the last couple of years.  In her mind, mom thinks she can still drive. She is in pain daily. In pain of some sort. This year I started her on CBD oils. This has been super helpful. She is currently taking a few meds, but this is by far working with her.  Prayer has gotten me through days like this.