My journey with Mama and HD

This drawing was given to by my mama a day ago, before I transferred her a nursing home.

It broke my heart. Not easy for me or my family, but we understand my mama needs specialized Care. Her cognitive abilities have taken a huge dip in just 90 days! Covid19 is definitely a contributor. The isolation the confusion have become too much for my mama. She has a hard time processing our new world today.

I asked mama her to write her name and all her daughter’s name using different colors. She wrote my name in purple, she got it wrong the first time. But I asked her to try again. ♥️ Then she wrote my sister’s name and red, ANA, she got that one right. But mom she was unable to write the name of her other three daughters. I sat with her as she struggled and she looked at me lost. This task is very difficult for her. She’s also unable to identify us as children in pictures as well. Her lose of memory and more confusion increase daily.

It took us three months to fight with her insurance to explain to them what my mom is going through and what kind of care she needs. It was not easy. Finally got some approval for services. It was unbelievable.

I share this journey to bring awareness about Huntington’s disease! (HD) is not understood by many. It’s a terminal disease that slowly deteriorates a person as a whole. It’s rare and there is No cure. It’s genetic and it can be passed on from one parent.

I will continue I fight this battle! Learn more about my story and how you can help….

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